Social Responsibility Commitment Statement

The Company and all management recognize that compliance with international labour standards and safeguarding the rights and interests of workers is a basic social responsibility that a company should have, as well as an expectation of stakeholders such as consumers, customers, the public and the government.

The Company is committed to complying with national labour laws and regulations, the internationally accepted labour standards, the relevant contents of the BSCI standards, as well as other applicable industry standards and international conventions, and to continuously improving working conditions and employee welfare.

The fulfilment of corporate social responsibility is a necessary condition for the Company to provide qualified products to meet the needs of its customers, and it is committed to extending this requirement to the Company's sub-suppliers.

 The Company declares:

1. Child labour and forced labour are prohibited, and we do not accept any sub-suppliers that use child labour or forced labour.

2、Payment of normal working hour wages, overtime hour wages and overtime wage differentials shall be in accordance with or higher than the legal minimum standards and/or industry standards.

3、Respect workers' freedom and prohibit any form of forced labour.

4、Provide safe and hygienic working and living conditions to ensure the safety and health of employees.

5、Promote labour-management cooperation and respect employees' freedom of association and collective bargaining rights.

6. Provide an equal and fair working environment and prohibit any form of discriminatory behaviour.

7、Respect the basic human rights of employees and prohibit any form of insulting behaviour.

8、Reasonable arrangement of production plan, reasonable arrangement of workers' working hours and rest and leave.

9、Provide reasonable wages and benefits that meet or exceed the basic standards of the local government.10、Procedures and standards for waste management, handling and removal of hazardous chemicals, and disposal of discharges and effluents must meet or exceed minimum legal requirements.