Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen fuel cell is a device that generates electricity through the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. It is one of the new energy sources supported and promoted by the state, and also recognised as one of the main solutions for future clean energy in the field of energy, with a broad market prospect both at home and abroad.

Graphite bipolar plate is one of the core components in hydrogen fuel cell system.

Application scenarios of hydrogen fuel cell:

1、all kinds of commercial vehicles, heavy trucks, rail vehicles;

2、various engineering vehicles;

3、energy storage equipment;

4、ships and aviation field;

5、dispersed or centralised combined heat and power system (CHP);

6、portable and distributed fixed emergency power supply system;

7、Distributed power supply equipment in the field of agriculture;

8、other military and civil special scenarios, etc.

The main functions and characteristics of graphite bipolar plate:

1、Separate fuel and oxidant in the system and prevent gas transmission;

2、Collecting and conducting electric current;

3、The flow channel of the pole plate distributes the gas evenly to the reaction layer of the electrode and carries out the electrode reaction;

4、can discharge heat and keep the temperature field of the battery uniform;

5、corrosion resistance, shock and vibration resistance;

6、thin thickness and light weight;

7、low cost, easy processing, suitable for batch manufacturing;

8、fast and efficient design verification.

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